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Brazil - Santa Catarina (Chapter)


Capital: Florianópolis

Touristic Map PDF 1.1M
State Population: 4.696.684
Area: 95.442.9 km²
Economy: industry, agriculture, cattle raising, extracting (minerals)
Litoral Santa Catarina PDF 8M

The most recent description of the flag of the State of Santa Catarina was a result of law 975 of October 29th, 1953. The Flag is made up of three stripes of the same width, reds and in the center the white one. In the center the light green lozenge with the arms of the State; the white star symbolizing the unity of the municipal districts of Santa Catarina; the eagle represents the productive forces; the key, represents the strategically position of the State for the occupation of the extreme South; the anchor reminds the ocean that bathes the State; the date of November 17th, 1889 - represents the implanting of the republican regime of the State; the bloomed branches of wheat and coffee, and the floating lace with the inscription of the State of Santa Catarina and the phrygian cap (symbolizing the republican regime).

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Blumenau (40K)

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Santa Catarina (28K) Need help to identify city :-)


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