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Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul (Chapter)


Capital: Porto Alegre

State Population: 9.369.646
Area: 282.062 km2
Economy: agriculture, cattle raising, industry

The flag of the Rio Grande do Sul State was created during the Farroupilha Revolution. When the Republic of this state was proclaimed, on 11th September 1836, the revolutionists immediately pondered on the creation of a self-symbol to substitute the empire flag.

After the proclamation of the Brazilian Republic (1889) and with theConstitutional Assembly assembled, the Republican's flag of 1835 was adopted as official symbol of this state.

Only after the time the first Constitution of the State was promulgated(1891), the coat of arms was added to the flag.

At the present, the Rio Grande do Sul flag is composed by three parts: the green, the red and the yellow one. The green and the yellow parts are right-angled triangles separated by a red quadrilateral. The right-angle of the green triangle is placed on the superior left-corner of the flag and the right-angle of the yellow triangle is placed on the inferior right corner of it. There is a vertical white ellipse with the coat of arms in the middle of it.

The legislation concerning the form and the presentation of this flag is the state law No. 5.213 of 5th January 1966 which had some of its articles modified. These amendments were published in the official journal of the State on 11 th November 1968.

Pictures of Rio Grande do Sul and its cities...

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gaucho (39K)

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churrasco - wonderful barbecue (42K)

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Gramado (36K)

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Missoes (15K)

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Porto Alegre - aerial view (35K)

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Panambi (53K)

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gauchos (31k)
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Porto Alegra at night (23k)

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Links to Rio Grande do Sul and its cities...



The city of Porto Alegre


Cities in the state o Rio Grande do Sul




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