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Brazil - Pernambuco (Chapter)

Brazil - Pernambuco (Chapter)

This is the Pernambuco chapter from Lonely Planet's Brazil guidebook, available to Pick & Mix.

Pernambuco is exciting and relaxed, urban and rural, developed and pristine. Here, you can go wild at Carnaval in Olinda, sunbake on the beaches around Porto de Galinhas, and wander the bizarre sculpture garden at Oficina Cerāmica Francisco Brennand.


Capital: Recife

State Population: 7.294.480
Area: 98.937.8 km²
Economy: industry, agriculture, cattle raising

Pernambuco had its flag even before the Independence of Brazil. It represents the Pernambucan Revolution, of 1817 which, before the times of Empire, proclaimed in the country, the republican form of government.

Under the repression of the Monarchy, this Revolution full of glories, heroes and martyrs had its flag forgotten for a long time, until in 1917, on the occasion of the Revolution Centenary, by decree of Manuel Antonio Pereira Borba, at that time the Governor, it became the official flag of Pernambuco State.

This flag has two colors dark blue and white, divided horizontally in unequal sections. The blue upper and larger rectangle, contains a rainbow with a star above it and below it there is a sun inside a semicircle. In the white lower and smaller rectangle there is a red cross.

Pictures of Recife and its cities...
caruaru.jpg (58377 bytes)

Caruaru (58K)

fnoronha.jpg (27405 bytes)

Fernando de Noronha (27K)

olinda.jpg (6719 bytes)
Olinda (6K)
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Olinda (40K)

recife4.jpg (26277 bytes)
Recife (26K)
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