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Brazil - Parana (Chapter)

Brazil - Parana (Chapter)

This is the Paraná chapter from Lonely Planet's Brazil guidebook, available to Pick & Mix.

Paraná has a uniquely un-Brazilian flavor due to its population of largely German, Polish and Ukrainian stock. Here you can get doused on a boat tour of Iguaçu Falls, take a hair-raising train ride through the jungle-covered Serra do Mar or dine on barreado in the colonial port city Antonina.



Capital: Curitiba

State Population: 8.587.370
Area: 431 km²
Economy: commerce, industry, services

The adoption of a Flag as characteristic symbol of the State dates in Paraná from 1892. The initial conception of the armor of the State of Paraná has been altered in 1 1904 trying to express a feeling of territorial integrity existent at the time.

The new Flag was used until 1937 when, with the intention to strengthen the national unity, all State Flags had been abolished.

Only in 1947, by Decree 2,457 of May 3rd, was reestablished in the State of Paraná the Flag as a State symbol .

The now existing Flag of Paraná, designed by Rudolf Doubeck, was constituted by a green quadrilateral, crossed from the superior angle to the left inferior one by a large white band containing the celestial sphere in blue and the five stars of the Constellation of the Southern Cross in white. The sphere is crossed, beneath the superior star of the Southern Cross, by a white band with the inscription, PARANÁ. Around the sphere, a branch of Pine tree on the right side and another one of "Mate" on the left side, symbolizing what in other times represented the economical basis of the State.

Pictures of Paraná and its cities...

curitiba.jpg (36624 bytes)

Curitiba (36K)

curold1.jpg (13185 bytes)

Curitiba - Praça Tiradents à noite - old pic (8K)

curold2.jpg (14569 bytes)

Curitiba - Aspecto da rua 15 de Novembro- old pic (8K)

curold3.jpg (19380 bytes)

Curitiba - Aerial view- old pic (8K)

iguacu.jpg (13058 bytes)

Foz do Iguacu (13K)

iguacu2.jpg (7370 bytes)

Iguaçu  (7K)

itaipu.jpg (18761 bytes)

Itaipu Dam (18K)

londrina.jpg (28820 bytes)

Londrina (28K)

maringa.jpg (25115 bytes)

Maringa (28K)

vilavelh.jpg (20936 bytes)

Vila Velha (20K)


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