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Capital: Belém
State Population: 5.181.570
Area: km˛
Economy: mining, agriculture, cattle raising, industry

The Republic of Pará was proclaimed on 16th November 1689, and in the following year, the Municipal Council of this state accepted the proposal of its President, Artur Indio do Brasil recognizing the flag of the Republican Club as the official flag of the Municipality of Belém.

Afterward, the traditional symbol of the republicans was adopted as the flag of the Pará State.

The flag is formed by a red rectangle crossed by a white inclined stripe which descends from the left top to the right (45 degrees of deviation), having a blue star in its middle. The white stripe is the imaginary planetary belt representing the zodiac. The star is of magnitude 1.0 and belongs to the constellation of Virgo.

The red color symbolizes the vigor that is in the blood of the "Paraense" people.

Belém, Para, is the largest city in the Amazon Basin. The climate is hot and rainy.

The city's recent growth has been stimulated by improved transportation connections.

The Belém-Brasilia Highway, completed in 1960, runs 2,350 km (1,460 mi) in an almost straight north-south line between the two cities. A state university, several newspapers, and the large, white marble Paz Theater serve the educational and cultural needs of the people.

Belém, founded by the Portuguese in 1616, was the focus of several economic booms thereafter

Pictures of Pará and its cities...
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Belém (51K)

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Belém (aerial view)(33K)


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Alter do Chao, Santarem by Walter Aug 2003

Brazil- Alter do Chao/Santarém - Para - Aug 2003


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