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Brazil - Ceara, Piaui & Maranhao (Chapter)


Capital: São Luis

State Population: 5.088.292
Area: 333.365.6 km²
Economy: industries, services, agriculture, extracting (palm tree)

The flag of the State of Maranhão was instituted by decree no. 6, of December 21st,1889.

It is made up of nine - four white, three red and two black - horizontal intercalated stripes, with a blue square in the upper corner linking the lance, and having as a center a white five pointed star (the square occupies one third of the Flag's length and half of its width).

In the opinion of the poet Joaquim de Souza Andrade (Sousandrade), that created the flag, the colors of the stripes represent the racial fusion that formed the Brazilian ethnical groups. The white star with the blue background symbolizes Maranhão - it is the same Beta of the Scorpius that appears on the Brazilian Flag.

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Lencois Maranhenses, Barreirinhas, Raposa, Sao Luis, Sao Jose de Ribamar by Walter 2006

Brazil 2006 - Maranhao


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