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Brazil - Brasilia (Chapter)


Capital: Brasília

State Population: 1.672.876
Area: 5.822.1 km²
Economy: industries, agriculture, commerce, public administration

The Federal District flag was instituted by "N" Decree No. 1090, on August 25th 1969. Idealized by the poet Guilherme de Almeida, authority in Heraldry, it presents a quadrangular shield of green and yellow colors, on a white background symbolizing peace. Four arrows, alluding to the Indian's arrows, consecrated elements of Brazil's origin are arranged from the center to the North-South and the East-West, having been described by the author as "the centrifugal action of power".

Pictures of the Federal District and its cities...
alvorada.jpg (39793 bytes)
Alvorada (39K)
brasilbw.jpg (33697 bytes)
Nice pic of Brasilia B&W (32K)
catedral.jpg (18938 bytes)
Brasilia (29K)
brasold3.jpg (12720 bytes)
Avenida Central - old pic (8K)
brasold2.jpg (8234 bytes)
Edifício do Congresso - old pic (8K)
brasold1.jpg (8307 bytes)
Monumento ao Candango - old pic(8K)
brasold4.jpg (13837 bytes)
Praça dos Três Poderes - old pic (8K)
brasil5.jpg (29682 bytes)
Palácio dos Arcos-Itamarati (18K)
Links to the Federal District and its cities...

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