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Brazil - the Amazon (Chapter)


Capital: Manaus
State Population: 2.217.163
Area: 1.577.820.2 km²
Economy: mining, industries, fishing, extracting

The most recent law regulating form and characteristics of the Amazonas' Flag is Law No 1,513 of January 14th 1 982.

The Flag is constituted of 3 horizontal stripes in the colors red and white, so that 2 white stripes border the red Strine The stripes have the same length of the Flag, excepting the first stripe, the length of which is shortened to correspond to the blue rectangle situated at the superior left side of the Flag.

Upon the blue rectangle appear 25 stars in silver, representing by symbols the number of the municipalities existing on August 4th, 1897 and signifying the historical moment of the embarkment of the Military Forces of Amazonas to fight at Canudos.

The stars have sizes of first and second grandeur. I n the center of the rectangle appears the star of first grandeur representing the municipality of Manaus. The other municipalities are represented by stars of second grandeur placed in horizontal lines of four rows.

Pictures of the Amazon and its cities...
Ianomani.jpg (7572 bytes)

Indio Ianomani (7K)

Xavantes.jpg (5754 bytes)

Indio Xavante (5K)

manaus.jpg (53529 bytes)

Teatro Amazonas, view from Praca São Sebastião (53K)

manausae.jpg (31074 bytes)

Manaus, aerial view (30K)

manaus2.jpg (34221 bytes)

Manaus, Picture 2 (34K)

teatro.jpg (108233 bytes)

Teatro amazonas

relógio.jpg (152132 bytes)
palrionegro.jpg (93054 bytes)

Palácio Rio Negro

Manaus3.jpg (38064 bytes)



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