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Capital: Maceió

State Population: 2.604.049
Area: 27.933 km˛
Economy: industries, agriculture, cattle breeding, petrolium

The Alagoas' flag consists of a rectangle vertically divided in three rectangular parts: the one on the right is red, the central part white and the one on the left blue.

The State coat of arms is in the central rectangle and has no listel or motto, but contains tips of stems of the cotton-plant and sugar cane, inter crossed under the blazon. The blue and red colors, sometimes joined with the white, are traditionally used in the State characteristic folk plays and merry makings: "Reisados'' (popular song celebrating the Epiphany); "Guerreiros"; "Cavalhadas" (joust or tournament for public entertainment; "Quilombos" (dance drama of the Brazilian northeast) and " Pastoris" .

Pictures of Alagoas and its cities...
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Jangadeiro (raft) (17K)

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Beaches (45K)

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Links to Alagoas ans its cities...


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