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Capital: Rio Branco
State Population: 437.419
Area: 153.149,9 km²
Economy: rubber and nuts, cattle breeding

The Acre's Flag is formed by two right-angled triangles (a green and a yellow one) joined by their respective hypotenuses. In the middle of the yellow triangle, the one that forms the superior part of the flag, there is a red star which symbolizes the signal light that guided those who aimed to incorporate the Acre into the Brazilian territory.

A symbol of peace and hope, this flag was idealized by José Plácido de Castro who adopted the former flag, created by Dom Luiz Galvez Rodrigues de Arias, adding initastarashad suggested Colonel Rodrigo de Carvalho, the intellectual author of the last revolutions of this state.

This flag was officially adopted by the Governor of the ex- territory of Acre (nowadays State of Acre), Epaminondas Jácome.

Acre is a state in western Brazil, bordered by Peru on the west and south and Bolivia on the east. Located in the rain-forest zone. Acre was ceded to Bolivia by Brazil in 1867, but it was settled in the late 19th century by Brazilian rubber gatherers who declared Acre an independent nation in 1899. Acre was reannexed to Brazil as a territory in 1903, and it became a state in 1962

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